How Are Leaders Made?

delegate 2Leaders are developed most naturally through these three means: 

Relationship – Leadership quality people have almost always had a solid relationship with someone who mentored and showed them the way.  Whether it was a family member, a parent or other significant person, a relationship is at the core of a leader’s effectiveness.  If you love someone enough to want to see them succeed in life, you have to have a strong and growing relationship with them.  Additionally, for leadership to last and have any real eternal significance,  the leader must also have a relationship with God.

Development – Leadership quality people seek out development.  They read.  They learn.  They ask questions.  And they put themselves in places where they can be stretched and grow.   Parents can give this gift to children – let them try things out.  Teach them something good.  Let them make decisions and practice living life in the safety of home.  Development means raising the expectation, setting challenges, etc. 

Opportunity – Finally, leadership quality people often rise to their post because the opportunity was there.  The opportunity must arise.  The needs must be present and the leader must have the “want to” to make it happen.  Through relationships and development, they are ready.  Sometimes the greatest gift another leader can give to a young leader is an opportunity. 

Implement these three things into your every day life and you will automatically and naturally develop leaders around you.


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