Leading Off Stage

The thought crossed my mind the other day that just because a worship leader is not on  stage, does not mean that we can’t be worship leaders? Maybe your worship team is on a rotation basis and there are times when you are in the congregation.  Here are some thoughts for serving in the worship ministry even when you are not in front.

Model Authentic Worship in the congregation – help the congregation see how to worship.  Don’t put on a show, but genuinely worship God and allow others to learn from it.

Model and lead worship for you family – a simple committment to regular weekly worship, among other faithful, leadership at home, is being a worship leader.

Pray for the worship team, the pastor, leaders – As we lift up prayer on behalf of the leaders in our church, the Lord uses the ministry and the congregation more mightily.

Take authority to help with little things like hospitality, extra chairs that need to be set up, etc..  There are some things people notice from the stage that no one else notices.  I see people walk in late and look for seats sometimes.  As a worship leader, we have the privilage of serving the church – through music and through other ways that relate to the worship service – such as picking up coffee cups, trash or old bulletins.  Help make sure details are in place for a great service.  Even if we aren’t scheduled for the day for an official role, we still have authority to help aid in the service.  Do it quietly, causing little commotion and don’t complain about having to do it.

Leading in every day life – taking time each day to seek the Lord, prepare your heart and live a life of integrity doesn’t have to happen the weeks you are gearing up for official ministry – it can happen every day and week.


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