Beautiful U Event Follow Up

Beautiful U Girls Conference was held in Troy, IL last week and the attendance doubled from the year before!  This was the second year and it was an amazing day.  The underlying theme for the event is to connect girls in the name of Jesus Christ, so that they experience His love that makes one truly beautiful.  Through seminars, worship sessions, speakers and experience stations, teen girls got to build relationships with godly women who have been walking the road of faith.

Each part plays an important role for the day and I wanted to use words today to express gratitude to everyone who helped.

Thanks Christine for your work as the adminstrator – getting the website together, the online registrations processed, designing and printing the journal and for making the day go smoothly.  Also, the woodworking class was great.

Thanks Suzanne for your planning and execution of the day.  I thought it was a great idea you had to begin this conference in the first place.

Thanks to Heather Budwell and Teri Ahlvers for speaking during the day! Great job!

Thanks to the seminar leaders:  Jill Fisk, Elizabeth Grant, Jenny Kremmel, Teri Ahlvers, and Lisa Deaton. And thanks Lisa for coming to Illinois – the after lunch concert and devotion was awesome.

Thanks to the experience station leaders – you all made it a fantastic and memorable day!  Katie, Yolanda, Heather, Abbie, Laura, Julie, Megan, Cindy, Mary, Raelene, Millie and Christine.

Thanks to the Harvest Band – Grace Stone, Raelene Fischer, Jenny Kremmel, Tyler Lynn, and Bonnie Pocklington.  And thanks Millie for joining us with media!

Thanks to Jill Kremmel for the great refreshments, Kim McGrath for the great lunch and Chayne Morrison, Bonnie’s mom, Rita Brandt and others who helped in the hospitality team!  Thanks Donna for taking pictures.

Thanks to the Mable Sound and Tech Group – Justin, Collin and Tyler… it was fun to stick together during the day.

The leadership at Beautiful U Girls Conference was over the top.  Thanks for your part in the mission to help young girls see that their worth is in Christ and making it fun along the way.



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