Down to the Donut Holes

donut holesEvery weekend at our church, we serve a variety of coffees, fruits, juice and doughnuts.  The donuts come from one place and are picked up by a church member every Sunday morning.  But since people seem to like the donut holes from another place a little better, someone else goes to get those. As they go to pick up the juice, they also get the donut holes.

Hospitality is crucial for ministry.  We want to be welcoming, inviting, and generous as people are seeking a place to belong and grow spiritually.  You don’t really make money having specialty donuts on Sunday, but, like clean bathrooms, it’s another opportunity to create a welcoming environment and eliminate reasons for guests not to come back.  So, the donut holes are important in that regard.

Additionally, I think that it’s another example of how many people it takes to make ministry happen – on small and large scales.  Getting donuts holes may not seem like a big deal, but someone has to get into their car, drive to the place, pick them up, sign the charge account paper, and drive back to the church – 52 times a year!  That one tiny aspect done by one person is making a difference in how we minister to the community around us!  So many roles are unknown to most people.  In fact, even as a staff member of the church, I don’t know who gets the donut holes each week.

Each role however is all for one purpose.  In fact, they’re not just getting donut holes, they are ministering to people. The same goes for other aspects – for example, the ushers are just handing out bulletins and seating people, they are ministering to and welcoming people.  The worship leaders, teachers, and preachers aren’t just skilled muscians and speakers, they are inviting people in to experience Jesus. And the list could go on.

From the sermon down the donut holes – each role is extremely important in reaching the world for Christ.

Thanks, to whomever it is who gets the donut holes.  Lives are being changed!


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4 thoughts on “Down to the Donut Holes”

  1. we forget how the little things add up. good reminder to keep being faithful in the small things and to be thankful for those small things.

  2. Thanks, Tim. I read this cuz i’d had a dream about donut holes. Now i just think God wanted me to read this to finish the message he’d started in my heart…..about us all having throne roles, royal duties that we can carry out in power for our Daddy God…..i appreciate your appreciation of the volunteer donut picker-upper.

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