How To Get Outstanding Performance From Your Church Staff

In his book, The Three Signs Of A Miserable Job (A Fable for Managers and Employees), Patrick Lencioni offers three reasons why many people don’t experience joy in their jobs. In the story, Brian Bailey, a recently retired CEO who becomes the weekend manager of a small pizza place, develops a theory – three reasons … Read more

How to Develop the Culture of an Organization (Andy Stanley Podcast Summary)

Culture is really the strongest force in any environment.  How do create a solid successful culture in your organization? – To create a good culture, identify the things you love and reinforce them. – Ask yourself: if we were starting over, what would be our core values? – Everyone has to be part of the … Read more

Creativity in Worship

Creativity is the defeat of habit by imposing originality and change. — Andy Law Creativity is critical in any organizational leadership.  When it comes to planning worship, it seems it’s even more critical.  We are created by a creative God and we are by nature, creative.  All resources need to be used to give God … Read more