25 Most Read Blog Posts

I’ve been writing in this blog for about four years now.  This is a list of the top 25 most viewed posts over the last three of those years!


  1. 21 Fall Planning Ideas For Youth Pastors

  2. The Ocean Drowns Out My Voice

  3. How to Develop the Culture of an Organization (Andy Stanley Podcast Summary)

  4. Don’t Trade Micromanagement for Non-leadership

  5. Three Lessons About Peace

  6. Words I Don’t Use As A Worship Leader

  7. Three “Greetings” Worship Leaders Should Make on Sunday Mornings.

  8. Worship Leaders & Water Bottles

  9. Fall Kick Off Ideas for Student Ministry

  10. Report: The Average Age Of Youth Workers

  11. The Best Way To Get People To Church: Invite Them.

  12. 9 Indications Your Church Is In Trouble

  13. The Benefits of Whistling

  14. Core Values for your Worship Team

  15. 30 Inspirational Quotes To Share With Your Ministry Teams

  16. 5 Little Known Guest Service Training Tips For Any Church

  17. 11 Traits of Great Supportive Ministers (In Seach Of Timothy Book Summary)

  18. Thoughts for People Wanting to Travel as a Worship Leader (or Speaker).

  19. The Seven Basics of Worship Leading

  20. How to Increase Church Momentum with a Collective Keystone Habit

  21. How to Pay Your Volunteer Teams

  22. Sound Check Protocol For Worship Leaders

  23. Pastors: Why You Should Talk About Leadership At Every Staff Meeting

  24. Books I’ve Read This Year

  25. 18 Ways to Simplify Your Life

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