Great People Simply Have Great Habits

Do you have the habit of drinking coffee each morning?  Then you are a coffee drinker.

Do you have a habit of cleaning up the clutter from your workspace on a daily basis?  Then you are orderly.

Do you have a habit of washing your car?  Then you drive nice, clean cars.

Do you have a habit of working out each week?  Then you are fit.

Great people simply have great habits.

Jesus gave us this clue when He said, in John 8:31, “To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, ‘If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.'”

Do you have a habit of reading God’s word and holding to the teachings of Jesus?  Then you are His disciple.

It’s the little things we do each day that make up our lives. If you want to change your life, change what you do each day. In fact, you will never change until you do.

Habits help produce in us what we wish we could be.

On the flipside, bad daily habits produce a life we don’t really want.

What good habits do you need to instill in your life? Begin them today. Determine what you want your life to be like, then form a habit to make it happen. They don’t have to be big habits, the littlest thing makes a difference.

Here are a few examples of simple habits I started after I read a book called The Power Of Habit by Charles Duhigg:

  1. I created the habit of sending my daughters a letter about every month. I added a recurring calendar item that pops up at my work desk every four weeks. When I see the reminder, I write and mail them a letter.
  2. I created a habit of setting my socks and tennis shoes near my bed each evening. When I wake up, I take the time to actually put on my tennis shoes and that somehow motivates me to actually walk on the treadmill.
  3. I have a habit of waking up each day and writing a little bit in the Tim Price/Harvest blog. I typically do this around 5:45 each morning.
  4. I have a habit of reading scripture and a devotional book each morning. This year, I’m reading This Day With The Master by Kinlaw. 
  5. I created a habit of prayer by using my to-do list as a recurring prayer focus each day. I pray for my family each day and then a series of other things one day each week.
  6. I created the habit of keeping every single receipt in my wallet – and when I need to turn them in to the church or to the ministry, they are all there, every time.

These few simple habits have made life easier, better and more fun. These little systems have become a part of my life and I really don’t have to think too hard about any of them – they all just sort of happen on a daily basis.

It really is true that if you want to change the direction of overall life, change the direction of your daily habits.

This can apply to faith-developing habits, money spending habits, relational care habits, and to health habits – and these four things are probably the biggest areas in life – faith, money, relationships and health.

The little things you do today… that is your life.

Where do I start?  Write down the desired outcome (a vision) for an area of your life and attach one little habit to helping you achieve it.  Then pray that God will give you the perseverance to continue to do it – that it will truly become a habit.

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