Spend Your Days Well and Your Life Will Take Care of Itself.

how you spend your days is how you

Psalm 96 motivates me to sing a new song to the Lord and praise his name day after day.  You really can’t get more consistent than day after day.  The consistency here is amazing.  I once heard a quote from John Maxwell that went something like this:  “How you spend your days is how you spend your life”. If we want to see how our lives are going to play out, we need to look no farther than our daily schedule.  What are you doing today that will help move you toward the life you want to have?

Here are four basics to include:

Love Yourself

Love yourself enough to take care of your body and soul. Only you can exercise, eat right and get sleep. This can’t be delegated. I once wrote some advice to myself from the future which included some of these things.

Love Those Close To You

Only you can be the dad to your kids.  Only you can be the husband to your wife.  There are a few things in life that no one else can fill.  Your impact on their lives will far outweigh anything you do in the lives of others. Go big in love.  Read: The value of five percent. 


We spend a significant amount of life investing our skills at work.  It’s important we do what we do as well as we can.  We’re not always defined by our work, but it does shape us.  Whether you are in ministry or the marketplace, doing your best where you are, with what you have glorifies God!

Seek God

God and His Word are the foundation to a well lived life.  As you read scripture, you realize that everyone, including the most famous of all Biblical leaders, was broken, insecure, and uncertain at times, but they stuck with God.  They trusted him throughout. As a result, they finished strong.  This kind of strength doesn’t come from a here-and-there-connection with God. It comes from a daily commitment to pray, listen and lean into the almighty!  Daily reading the BIble and praying is huge!


A new day brings so much hope – Joy comes in the morning, God’s mercies are new and God’s faithfulness is evident as we take a breath.  Spend today well and your life take care of itself.


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