Don’t Trade Micromanagement for Non-leadership

magnifying-glassMicro-management definitely has negative connotations.  No one likes it. But, teams still need to be led.  Leadership for any organization still needs direction.  Even the top tier leadership understand the need to gather a team of advisers to help make decisions, navigate change and move forward with the vision.

Don’t shy away from leading because you are concerned about micro-management.  Of course, don’t stand over your team member’s shoulder while he types an email. But, what about getting involved in the goals, visions and outcomes of a team member.  Interaction fuels action and the more we are investing in the team, the more effective the outcome will be.

Instead of micro-managing, think in terms of vicarious visioning or gutsy group goal setting or individualized incremental growth planning.

– A vision needs to be shared with your team on a regular basis.  What do you want to see?

– Gutsy Group Goals motivate the team to accomplish something huge!

– Individual Growth – little by little – helps each team member grow to their full potential.

And I hate to tell you this, but, each of these areas require management on behalf of the person and on behalf of the organization’s leader.  Don’t shy away from jumping in and creating a system to be involved fully in the life of each team member.

If you are a youth worker, this resource will help you – both in supporting our vision and making sure you help keep your team moving toward great goals together.

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