18 Ways to Simplify Your Life


I just read through a little book entitled 101 Ways to Simplify Your Life and I pulled out 18 of the ways to share with you in this post. This small, older book was written in the 90’s but has some great ideas for simplicity in life.

For me, simplicity comes in waves and seasons.  Things pile up and I overhaul it all.  It’s great for a while, then schedules, bills and issues fill up again.  And the process continues to repeat itself.  Here are some reminders for you today to simplify your life.

Enjoy What You Have

You have plenty of clothes, but you want more. You have great friends, but you don’t seem satisfied.  You have a nice home, but you’re not content.  Discover the difference between needs and wants and enjoy the life God has given you.

Reduce Your Spending

One great way to simplify your life is to reduce spending.  Don’t buy any more things that will clutter up your house.  Keep track of your budget.  Save.  And give more away.

Simplify Your Surroundings

I like what Winston Churchill said, “We shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwelling shape us.”  Keep space in your home.  Remove clutter.  Keep your car clean.  An overrun cluttered and messy house, car or office will begin to define you as such.

Use a Bible Reading Plan

You may the best intentions to read the Bible each day, but without a plan, you will easily get off track.  The Bible is the source of wisdom for an unhurried, paced, and prioritized life.  Simplify by creating a time, place and plan in your schedule for reading God’s Word each day.

Give Others Your Undivided Attention

When you concentrate on one thing at a time, you are giving your best to each endeavor and relationship.

Don’t Confuse “Things” with Happiness

When children grow up, they rarely remember the things their parents gave them, but they remember the moments they spent with them.

Appreciate Little Things

Don’t miss the sound of birds, the crickets, a call from a friend, the sunset and free flowers from the roadside. A simple life is made up of highly valued simple things.

Chew Your Food Slowly

Don’t rush through meals.  Sit down.  Converse with others. Be conscious off how quickly you are chewing and swallowing.

Love Sundays

Sundays are the first day of the week, the Sabbath day, opportunity to worship and rest.

Do What Needs to be Done Now

It’s easy to let unpleasant tasks slide.  But, as Brian Tracey has often been quoted, eat the frog early.  Get the big tasks done early in the day, or as soon as you discover that you must do them.

Pay Off Debt

All of life choices suffer when you are in debt – especially credit card debt.  Figure out how to pay it off as soon as possible.  As Dave Ramsey says, “if you have credit card debt, you shouldn’t even think of seeing the inside of a restaurant or movie theater until it’s all paid off.”

Change Your Self Conversations

We all have a silent narrative happening in our lives – saying things to ourselves as we go about the day.  Be sure to replace self defeating, negative statements, with statements that are wholesome, Godly and pure. Remind yourself of God’s promises for you and his view of your life.

Play Hard

Learn the wisdom in play.  It doesn’t have to be games, but can be.  It can also be trying a new recipe, building a new invention or gardening.  Playing helps us fully express the joy of the Lord.

Live Under Your Means

Don’t spend all you possibly can.  Live on less than you make.

Make Small Changes

You can’t change it all at once, so just change one small thing today.  Many people over estimate what they can do in a week and vastly underestimate what they can do in a year!

Acquire Experiences Instead of Things

Try new things.  Go to new places.  Invest your money in opportunities for your family and children to have memories instead of trinkets.

Be a Creator, Not a Consumer.

You have unique gifts and are here during a unique time.  In what ways can you invest in others to make the world better.  Create those opportunities.

Stay Grounded in a Simple Trust in God.

Spend time praying.  Trust God with your life.  Enjoy His presence.  Know you are God’s child.  Live a life worthy of the calling.

It looks like this little book is still in print. If you are interested pick up a copy: 101 Ways to Simplify Your Life.


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