11 Traits of Great Supportive Ministers (In Seach Of Timothy – Book Summary)

in search of timothyIn Search of Timothy (Tony Cooke) is a book about discovering and developing greatness in church staff and volunteers.

Every leader needs a Timothy in their lives – someone they can trust to help them carry out the ministry in the church.  The role of Timothy is one of supportive minister (staff or volunteer) and is so important in building the kingdom. There are five sections to the book and the third section lists the traits of a great supportive minister.

Here are the traits of great supportive ministers:

1. Great Supportive Ministers Are Loyal

You need to defend and protect your pastor and you need to promote your pastor.  Loyalty does not mean blind obedience.  But if your pastor is preaching the Word, is theologically sound and is giving biblical leadership, you should be loyal to his way of doing things even if you would have chosen to do it differently.  Loyalty to a pastor is the only thing that will make transition positive.

2. Great Supportive Ministers Have Excellent Attitudes

Every supportive minister should strive to be a low maintenance, high output team member.  Attitude is an important part of this.

3. Great Supportive Ministers Are Faithful

A list of faithful characteristics include: diligence, exceeding expectation, honest, punctual, meets deadlines, dependable among others. Helen Keller said, “I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but my chief duty is to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.”

4. Great Supportive Ministers ‘Play Well With Others’

Working well with others in a must! Church staff need to be able to relate well with others on staff and with church members. There is joy when supportive ministry leaders get along with their pastor and their fellow laborers.

5. Great Supportive Ministers Have Servant Hearts

Don’t be “too good” to serve in a position.  Experienced pastors have learned to be leery of people who are seeking power or position.  The world’s a better place because Michelangelo did not say, “I don’t do ceilings.”

6. Great Supportive Ministers are Enthusiastic and Energetic

Enthusiasm and energy are key components to making a difference in a team.  Laziness is not rewarded.  Keep yourself fueled and on fire, ready to go.  Never be lacking in zeal.

7. Great Supportive Ministers are Balanced

You need proper balance between tasks and relationships, between the natural and spiritual, and between seriousness and humor.  Take a look at worship, work, rest and play to make sure you are living a balanced life.

8. Great Supportive Ministers are Flexible and Growth-Oriented

Be a life long learner, willing to overcome weakness, open to new ideas, adjust graciously to unexpected developments, adapt to other people and be willing to embrace new assignments and roles within the church.

9. Great Supportive Ministers are Internally Motivated

Be a self starter!  Have initiative to see how you can make things better for the church.

10. Great Supportive Ministers are Good Communicators

Listen well, know your flock and make sure you are connecting and communicating with them.

11. Great Supportive Ministers Multiply Themselves

The supportive minister must transition from doing ministry to developing minsters.


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  1. The support ministries are as important as the frontline ministry. The time and efforts we put in to prepare for the frontline ministry is whatbwe must put in to raise solid support ministers.

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