Get And Keep Students Connected To Your Ministry (Videos)


“Getting and Keeping Students Connected To Your Ministry” is a video series designed to help you grow your connection with students in your church and community!

  • You will learn the four words / phrases that help get and keep students connected
  • You will learn practical ideas for helping students feel included and loved.
  • You will get fun ideas from the bonus videos
  • You will become motivated to help change the culture of expectation among your students and your ministry.



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Have you recently become a youth pastor?  Are you a pastor at a church that needs to connect with students and the next generation?  Do you have a team of volunteers who are helping student ministry? Are you looking for some simple training for your volunteer team?

Your job, as the youth pastor, pastor or lead student ministry worker in your congregation, is to help develop people. You can’t do student ministry alone. Pouring into people and equipping them for ministry takes time and requires you to be intentional.

I am a fan of youth workers!  I appreciate the work that is being done in churches across the globe and for the work done in my own life as a teenager in the name of Jesus. For years I have had the privilege of partnering with youth workers, serving in student ministry events, camps, retreats and conferences. This video series is designed to help the local church student ministry leader and team – whether that’s a paid person, a part-time person, a volunteer or pastor.  My hope is, through this four part video series, you will grow in practical ways to more effectively “get and keep students connected to your ministry“. Thanks for your ministry and if I can be of help to you, please connect with me.

Here are some ways this video series will help in your ministry to students!

  • It will help you intentionally develop your team!
  • You will get practical ideas for focusing on ministry through others.
  • Our churches need a rekindled passion for reaching students in our communities!  Help your church get fired up.
  • It will help your set expectations for your team, students and church.
  • You will discover four simple words / phrases that will help build a framework for getting and keeping students connected!  Read more about these four words / phrases here.

What you receive when you purchase this video series:

  • The complete series of four videos, each about 10-12 minutes in length and with a focus on one word or phrase to help you get and keep students connected in your ministry.
  • Written out video summary points, discussion questions and action steps for your team.
  • Session notes, Powerpoint and other resources from The Well (A Seminar For Youth Workers).
  • Three bonus videos.
  • Two more fun bonus videos (you can learn these two tricks and do them at your next student ministry meeting)!

Purchase today and help engage your team with this equipping tool – and for a fraction of the cost of attending a live training session!

Thanks so much!  I hope you enjoy this series of videos!

In Him,

Tim Price 



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