How to Develop the Culture of an Organization (Andy Stanley Podcast Summary)

Andy+Stanley+stanleyjpgCulture is really the strongest force in any environment.  How do create a solid successful culture in your organization?

– To create a good culture, identify the things you love and reinforce them.

– Ask yourself: if we were starting over, what would be our core values?

– Everyone has to be part of the process.  If you bring back a statement of values that will enforce a new culture, chances are no one will really care.  The process of defining, developing and deciding the values and the culture may be as important as the culture itself.

– Don’t just adopt someone else’s values, really determine what is unique to your church or organization.

– This process of discovery takes time – percolation is your friend.

Andy listed their “Staff covenant”, the six values that they want their work environment – every staff team member – to embrace:

1) Make It Better – Everyone on staff participates in making things better.  Question: What am I doing to help us improve organizationally?

2) Take It Personally – Believe in the product, be involved.  Questions:  How am I personally invested, outside of my job, in working here?

3) Working With Collaboration – Not too proud to ask for help and not too busy to be able to help.  Question: Where am I leveraging the talent and skills of those outside my primary team?

4) Replace Ourselves – You’ll always have a place if you are helping others move up. In a great organization, people are moving up.  Question: Who am I empowering?

5) Stay Fit – Our personal lives come to work with us. The more responsibility you have in an organization, the more important it is for you to stay fit – spiritually, physically, mentally, financially, and relationally. Question: How am I taking care of myself physically, spiritually, relationally, emotionally and financially?

6. Remain Open Handed – In a growing organization, there will be constant change. Effective staff and leaders have to be open to change. Build a culture that experiences change in a good way.  Palms up living: it’s easier to remain calm when your palms are up.  Question:  How do I manage the trigger that new ideas and change bring in my life?

Reminder: Don’t just take this list and make it yours.  Your church staff team needs to wrestle with the values that they see as important.  But I like the idea of a staff covenant – especially as new people join the team.  What are you thoughts?  Can you pinpoint the values in your staff team?


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