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This week we are celebrating 1000 posts on the Tim Price | Harvest Blog.

Probably the question I get asked most often is when do I write?

If you’re interested, here’s my typical routine:

Being a natural early bird, I usually get up between 4:45 and 5:15 am. I have a small routine, which I list out on my to-do list app and it pops up every morning. The routine starts with hot tea while reading the Bible and whatever devotional book I’m in. After that, I read some from the book I’m currently reading and then I pick up my laptop and start writing. On the best days, I stop all this about 6:45 and do some resistance band stretching and then take walk. By that time my family is awake, we eat breakfast and all head off to our places for the morning.

When the routine goes awry, I just move on and wait for the next morning.

I realize that everyone has their own routine and best times during the day, but here’s what I’ve written about mine: day:

A Morning Routine That Helps Me Accomplish More

My Morning Ritual

Time Management For Church Leaders: The Big Three


“What do I write?”

I typically spend most of my time in ministry around these avenues:  worship ministry, student ministry, children’s ministry and pastoral ministry. With experiences around in these areas, most all the posts are centered around leaders in these areas. These topics are occasionally sprinkled with aspects of regular daily life: the topics of parenting, finances, and money. I often make notes in my phone about topics relating to ministry leaders that seem interesting to me. Many times, I get ideas from books I read or use a quote or an outline as a springboard.

This week, we just hit a thousand posts on the Tim Price | Harvest Blog.

The first blog posts go back as far as 2009, but those were typically only a couple each summer.

Beginning mid 2011 is when I started posting more often outside of the summer.

A couple years ago, we broke the blog part from the Harvest Ministry Teams website and officially started TimPriceBlog.com.


READ THE VERY FIRST NON SUMMER RELATED POST:  Six Reminders For Ministry Leaders, Feb. 2011
















































































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