My Morning Ritual

For a day to start off right and go well – here are four things I want to do each morning.  It requires time and there are sacrifices, but it’s worth it.  On my best, most disciplined days, each of these four things happen:

1)  Read.  I read Scripture.  I read a little bit of more of whatever book I’m reading at the time.  I read updates on any news stories or other stories I have been following.

2) Run.  Each morning, I typically head down to the treadmill to walk / run for a while.  Many times, I will combine reading and the treadmill.  I also spend time listening and praying.  I pray for my family, for the church, for God’s work to be done in my life.

3) Write.  It starts with a “W” I know, but it fits nicely with a list of “R” words.  It’s been since about 1994, when I first moved to Kentucky for school that I have been writing most every day.  For a while, it was a handwritten in a journal.  From there it became typed into a journal. I still do some of the journaling today, but I also write in the Harvest Ministry Blog.  It’s become a hobby to write and publish something most every week day either as a devotional thought or something I’m learning in ministry.

4) Reflect.  The reflection part is less intentional than the other parts, but happens throughout the early morning. I want to spend a little time each morning thinking and praying.  I want to ask for the Lord direction.  I want to reflect on the things I will be doing today, the schedule, the goals.  I like to ask the question, what did I experience and learn from the Lord yesterday?  How will that effect today?  For me, the early morning is also the best time for me to dream about the future.

*note: contrary to most every other ministry leader I know, coffee is not in my routine. 


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