5 Bests for Pastoral Leadership

In the call of leaders to ministry, God always has his people in mind.  Great pastoral leadership isn’t the end product, but an aspect of God working in the hearts and lives of his people through his people. I was reading from 1 Peter 5:2 and was struck by the explicit instructions for pastors and elders of the church.  Here are the 5 best things you can do for the people you lead:

1)  Care for the flock…  because God has entrusted this group of people to you.  You have been given charge over them.

2) Watch over it willingly… with joy, and not for what you will get out of it

3) Eager to serve God… with the gifts and call he gave you – and with a large view of the kingdom (and your small part in it)

4) Not lording over people… so as to take control in your own hands, but remembering who owns the vineyard.

5) Leading by example… so that they are able to see and experience God at work.

And when the Great Shepherd appears, you will receive a crown of never ending glory and honor.


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