Confident Ministry VS Comfortable Ministry

Ministry leaders need to become more confident and less comfortable in their roles. [tweet this] Comfortable ministry can keep a person from receiving direction.  It may keep a leader from taking risks. It may keep someone from making hard decisions.  Being comfortable where we are may cause us to lose sight of the vision of the mission – to go, make … Read more

5 Bests for Pastoral Leadership

In the call of leaders to ministry, God always has his people in mind.  Great pastoral leadership isn’t the end product, but an aspect of God working in the hearts and lives of his people through his people. I was reading from 1 Peter 5:2 and was struck by the explicit instructions for pastors and elders of … Read more

The Engineer’s Job Was To Oversee The Fireman: Lessons From Old Steam Engine Trains

A wise engineer knows that keeping the fire going is what keeps the train moving.  He also knows that if he tries to take on two roles (fireman and engineer), both will suffer. Either you keep the fire stoked and burning or you set direction, watch for obstacles, determine speed, communicate with the team.  You … Read more