Twenty Books I’ve Read In 2022

For the past few years, I’ve tried to read 50 or more books a year! It’s always good to be reading for new ideas, new thoughts, and new ways of seeing the world. I enjoy reading books that help me think about things to write in the blog and share with others. Mostly these posts are in regard to the church, leadership, ministry, Christian life, parenting, etc. As result, most of the books I read fall into this category. Other books are just random, mostly non-fiction.

Sometimes people ask me how I like to read books – mostly the old-fashioned way. I spend very little money, get most of the books from our library and read physical copies. It doesn’t cost anything and you can get almost anything you want! A special shout out to Sue Busler who brought me several books from the Global Leadership Summit! Thanks, Sue! Another quick shout to Dannette and Virginia, our amazing editing team for the Harvest Blogs and Resources!

In addition to the list of books below, I always try and read through the Bible each year. This year, I finished up with the reading plan by the end of October and that was pretty rare!

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Lead Like It Matters – Craig Groschel

SoundTracks – Jon Acuff

Cues – Vanessa Van Edwards

Power Of Regret – Daniel Pink

Love Plus Work – Marcus Buckingham

Win The Day – Mark Batterson

The Circle Maker – Mark Batterson

Financially Confident Kids – Mary Hunt

The God Ask – Steve Shadrach

As someone who has spent most of my life in a self-support aspect of ministry, this book is an encouragement! If you’re thinking of beginning a missionary role or specialized ministry, buy your own copy of this book and plan to use it as a handbook to raise money for ministry and mission!

Eric Liddell – Catherine Swift

I knew the general story of Eric Liddle, Olympic Gold Medalist for running, famous for refusing to run on the Sabbath day, mainly from the movie, Chariots of Fire. But the story is a powerful one, in the fact that he set all the aside and became a missionary in China as a young man.

Blessed Are The Misfits – Brant Hansen

This was a really well-written and honest book about the struggles of people who may feel too introverted or maybe too much like a fraud in their faith. It’s an openness to Jesus even when we may not feel like we have an incredible testimony or a highly emotional connection in worship.

The Simple Path To Wealth – JL Collins

The Mind of Christ – Dennis Kinlaw

Automatic Millionaire – David Bach

When Women Lead – Carolyn Moore

I bought this book during the New Room Conference and I bought it to read on behalf of my daughters. I’m planning to have them read it, too!

What Are The Odds – Mike Lindell

Poverty, Riches & Wealth – Kris Vallotton

You never agree with every single thing in a book, but you can always find some great stuff. I appreciated his thoughts on legacy, wealth being more than money, and passing on a trust in Jesus and his eternity to our kids.


Simple Prosperity – David Wann

Consumer Detox – Mark Powley

And since it’s 2022, I added a couple of bonus books, to make it 22 books in 2022!



Some good thoughts in this book regarding life and perspectives of different races.

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