I recently read Mike Lindell’s memoir. It came free with the MyPillows we got for Christmas.

One of his stories was about a decision the board of directors was discussing during a meeting. Lindell didn’t want to say anything crazy, so he stepped out of the meeting for a moment to think about how he should move forward. His marketing director followed him to the hallway and said, “Did you say, God wanted you to this?” Mike answered, yes, he believed God was leading him to do this. His marketing director answered wisely, “If God is telling you to do this, we need to do it.”

Mike said he walked back into the board meeting and said, “God is leading me to do this, and when God tells me to do something, I do it.” They moved ahead on the decision.

Today, that phrase came up again as I was reading Genesis 31.

In this incredible story, Jacob worked hard for Laban for years and God continued to bless him, even when Laban began cheating Jacob. Jacob had married two of Laban’s daughters, had children, and his herds had grown strong, even amidst the opposition taking root toward the end.


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Jacob explained this to his family, and in Genesis 31:16, they responded, “Do whatever God has told you.”

This may be some of the best encouragement you can give.

Too often, we give advice instead of asking one of these questions: “What is God asking you to do?” “What has God called you to do?”

When we pray about these questions, read his word, and trust him, our decisions become obvious.

Do what God is telling you to do.

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