What do you fear?

Have you considered that your fear may be passed down to others? If you don’t take a step of courage in a particular direction, you could wind up causing others to never take a step either. But, if you can muster up courage and take that step, you may pave the way for someone else in even more magnificent ways!

In his book, Win The Day, author Mark Batterson puts it this way: “Your brave may be someone else’s breakthrough.”

I like that phrase and I’ve thought of it several times since reading his book. I’m inspired to be courageous when I picture future generations building on my willingness to try something new and bold.

God seems to think in terms of generations throughout scripture. The Bible is full of promises to generations. In Genesis, God called Abraham to leave his homeland to travel to an unknown destination. Because Abraham was faithful to go, his son, Issac; Isaac’s son, Jacob; and Jacob’s son, Joseph; all seemed to have breakthroughs from building on Abraham’s bravery to go when called.

How must I be courageous to ensure that future generations will be able to build on my faith and move forward? And what courage was there before me that became my breakthrough?

You can pick up a copy of Mark’s book here.

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