Predictions About The Future

Last night, I made up some stories about what the future may be like as my daughters get older. It was far-fetched and silly, but they were listening intently. I sometimes have crafted other scenarios about how I may run into this or that person, in another state, at another time, being amazed at where life has taken us and catching up. Maybe that sounds a little crazy, but I just think it’s fun to think about the future.

A few years ago, I heard Craig Groeschel say that’s it’s good to think about what might be in the future. It gets creative juices flowing and it’s just a good practice in thinking. So, in this post, I’m making myself brainstorm/free-write some future predictions. Disclaimer: this is totally for fun and not from any research. Also, with my limited knowledge of current events and the tech world, who knows, some of these may have already happened!

A Health Scan App

In the future, we will be able to wake up with this pain or that, but instead of wondering what it is, we will just scan the area with our cell phone to be sure. We don’t always have to go visit doctors, we will just send them a scan or our healing arm or leg. Most following up visits will become digital. It will change the way insurance works. And it will also open up more doors for other types of medical and insurance fraud. A bunch of people in their 70’s and 80’s, by that time, will be saying things like, “I don’t trust all that new stuff – I want to SEE a doctor.” Are there any medical professionals who set aside limited time in the morning to make appointments through Facebook or Skype? I guess that could be happening right now.

Paper Church Programs Will Be Replaced

There is already many versions of this, but in the near future, even worshippers in the smallest congregations will just walk into worship, log in and see everything they need to know about the morning worship service and the week.

Front Porches Will Be Back In Style

For a couple decades, garages have taken over the front of most newer homes. Front porches have mostly been replaced by backyard decks. I think front porches will come back around. People will love visiting with neighbors in the front yard and not tucked away in the back.

A New Little House On The Prairie Movie

Our family has visited many of the Laura Ingalls sites around Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota. These site provide high class, historical entertainment. However, the appeal to the next generation is definitely waining. I’ve heard that since the release of the 2006 Pixar movie Cars, Route 66 has seen a huge resurgence, growing in the number of visitors each year for the last decade. I think if someone could come up with a successful, modern Laura Ingalls movie, the awesome sites in Burr Oak, IA; Walnut Grove, MN, Mansfield, MO, Peppin, WI and DeSmet, SD would be booming again.

Divided Glass Plates Will Grow In Popularity

When I’m at a camp, potluck or picnic where divided plates or trays are available, I always hear lots of people comment about how much they like them. Since I’m one of those people who doesn’t like food to touch, we actually have divided glass plates and we love them… well, I should say, I love them. We have other plates too and it sort of depends on the menu which plates we use to set the table.

Less Cell Phone Use With Next Generation

Students get a bad rap for living on their phones, but adults give them a run for their money. In fact, I often see the adults sitting there on their phone while the students are talking face to face. Maybe it takes longer for adults to do what they’re trying to do. Or maybe, the students have grown up with it and it’s not that big of deal. Or maybe, the tide is turning and real community is once again just visiting with a person and not allowing digital device interruptions.

Kid’s Busy Schedule Decrease

Family time already seems to be growing in importance in our culture again. Either the family is realizing the importance of free evenings or activities for kids are becoming more focused more quickly and students have more leisure. For many years, kids were in every activity they could squeeze in. In the future, I think it will become more popular to streamline it.

Twenty-Somethings Are More Concerned With Debt

I think the future will bring a group of twenty-somethings who are attending more two-year schools and local universities. I see more of them creating small start-up businesses and money making hobbies. I think more and more this age group will become wiser about loans, debt and credit cards. It’s going to become very popular to get through school with no debt – even if it takes a little longer. It will be popular to stay home instead of moving our on your own too quickly.

Velcro Shoes Will Be Back In Style

I think I remember reading that Velcro was invented in the 1940’s. It was really big on the scene a few years ago, but then went to mostly little kids’ shoes. I think it will become popular again for adults.

Magnetic Cars

I think cars – regular or eventually auto drivers – will be equipped with a magnetic force that would keep other cars from colliding with it. You know, when you have a magnet backward, it won’t stick, but will be repelled? That would be a good thing for cars. You could also utilize a magnetic system to help drive cars – if roads were equipped and build the right way, cars could follow a certain route, like the amusement park old-time drivable cars on tracks. Of course, it will probably be all satellite, GPS driven technology that will help bring about real live cruise control in cars. The only problem I see with magnetic cars would be the mess you’d have in really tight parking lots.

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