Five Important Things Laughter Does

Have you ever heard the laughing song? Here’s a version from George Younce back in the day. In case you don’t click the video link, the basic lyrics to the song are: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.  Pretty simple and contagious.

The world is tough, but we have the gift of laughter. Without it, things would be much worse.

I always love to hear my daughters laugh. I’ll be driving the car, the older will do some little thing, and the younger one will begin to laugh so hard she can barely breathe. I don’t usually see it or know what happened, but their laughter really is hilarious. It makes us all laugh.

The gift of laughter is important. Here are five things laughter can do:


Builds A Stronger Home

I once heard someone say that “Happy laughter in the home will keep more kids off the street at night than the strongest curfew.”  Laughter in the home signifies joy and happiness. It comes as the result of time spent together, especially unhurried and uninterrupted time together. When laughter fills our lives, it teaches kids to take life in stride and that home is a safe place even during tough times. Figure out ways and times to laugh together at home!

Smooths Out Troubles

There are some legitimate major troubles in life – and laughter alone can’t take them totally away, but it can put life in perspective and can help you live with joy even in the craziness. Don’t sweat the small stuff was a popular book title a few years back. There are some things that happen in life that you will eventually look back on and laugh – why not just take it in stride now? Laughter can help smooth out troubles. When you focus solely on your problems, it’s difficult to enjoy life.

Connects People

There have been a few times as I have traveled with ministry teams I have done something solely for sake of uniting the team through laughter. These moments – from throwing food out the window of the van to playing crazy games are moments that “you had to have been there” to appreciate. But these times brought crazy laughter and even as the stories have been retold, we have laughed. Those times of laughter unify a group of people. Laughter can help unify couples in marriages, friends in school, siblings, coworkers and teams.

Enhances Health

It’s been said that “Ulcers can’t grow from laughter.” Laughter clears the mind, stirs the blood and expands the lungs. It truly is good medicine, as the Proverb states (17:22). Be sure you are laughing each day. I read a quote that said, “Laughter can heal life’s tiny ills, often quicker than little pills.” I’m not against medicine, nor can I give medical advice, but I do believe our attitude plays a huge role in our health and laughter adds in the joy that so often helps make our attitudes better in general!

Keeps Life In Perspective

When we can laugh at ourselves and at life, we keep things in perspective. If we realize we haven’t had much laughter, then we’ve been far too busy. If we tend to laugh at others, we begin to find that we are becoming too self-centered. When the volume of our laughter is loud, we can thank God we’re free, healthy and able to live life to the full. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Life is a joy and we are privileged to make the most of it each day.

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