Three Very Simple Ways To Be Happier

The pursuit of happiness.

We know not every moment in life is going happy, but in general, we want to have happy lives. We want to do those things to make ourselves and those around us happy.

I recently read about several studies on happiness from Richard Wiseman’s book 59 Seconds.

Here are the three very simple takeaways to increase happiness in your life right now.



The act of smiling signals something to your mind and your body. When you smile, your attitude shifts. Think of a joke, a pleasant memory or some scenario that makes you smile. And even if you can’t think of one, just smile for 15 or 30 seconds to induce the benefits that come with it.

Sit Up

Posture also works much the same way. When a person slouches, they feel more depressed in general, they’re not trying as hard and they aren’t as happy. Sit and stand up straight! It’s one first step to living a happier life.

Act Happy

Intentionally put a spring in your step, look people in the eye, speak more clearly and shake hands more firmly. Encourage people, say good things about others, and in general, live the life you want to live as someone who is satisfied with life! As you do this, your happiness will increase.


Happy are the people whose God is the LORD. Psalm 144:15

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