If You’re Going To Be A Lumberjack…

Michael J. Fox, Back To The Future, tells the story of how he initially got into acting and Hollywood.

He wasn’t doing well in high school, but loved the acting classes. He got fed up and half way through 11th grade dropped out of his Canadian hometown high school. Neither of his parents knew what to do for sure, but at one point, Michael talked them into allowing him to try acting for four years. He reasoned that it would be like college and if it didn’t work he would change direction.

So, without much more explanation than this in his book, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Future, the aspiring actor said his dad packed him up and drove him to California. On the way there, Michael remembers his dad saying something like, “If you’re going to be a lumberjack, you better go to the forest.”

Wisdom is packed in this phrase.

When someone is immersed in something, they not only learn it but live it.

It’s why so many kids follow in their father’s footsteps or take part in the family business. It’s why choosing friends is so important, because what we are surrounded by, influences us.

But when I read this little phrase, it rang true for the church and ministry in the life of a child.

I know all the quips about “standing in a garage doesn’t make you a car any more than going to church makes you a Christian.”  And there is truth to this as well – church attendance does not cause heart transformation found in Christ alone. On the other hand, it doesn’t hurt either.

For students in Christian homes, it may translate to making sure they are at church for worship, for student ministry trips, missions and other events and being a part of ministry of the church as they are able.

Creating the atmosphere is part of the job of the parents.

If you’re going to be a lumberjack, you better go to the forest.

Being in the midst of the church and around other Christians is one of the best ways to grow in faith!  A person is encouraged and held accountable.

As a youth worker; we are also charged with opening the opportunities for students to experience mission, worship and the gospel. If they’re going to do this they may as well jump in!  Light the fire!


If you’re going to be a lumberjack you better go to the forest.


What are some ways you can help students “go to the forest” in order to increase their faith?

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