A Simple Definition Of Poise

When we hear the word “poise” we think of calm, self-assured dignity. Maybe we picture someone attending a royal wedding, having good posture, or point shoe wearing ballerina.  A Google definition of the word is: graceful and elegant bearing in a person.

But I like how John Wooden describes poise in his book, Pyramid of Success. He says “poise” is really just being you!

It comes down to being confident in our own skin. It kind of works together – as we grow in confidence, confidence grows in us! We stand a little taller, we’re willing to take more risks, we smile a little bigger and overall, our body language speaks “poise.”

For those who serve in worship ministry, this is really crucial.

As we become confident and have great poise in worship ministry leadership, the congregation can relax and know that it’s going to be ok. When someone seems like they’re not being themselves, it’s very difficult for the congregation to relax.

There’s nothing wrong with learning and modeling some great aspects of worship leaders, but you still must be you.

There also isn’t anything wrong with trying to improve your skill or stage presence. One great way to do this by watching a video of yourself leading. But even in that process, you’re trying to improve who God made you to be and enhance the gifts you’ve been given to lead, sing or play an instrument in worship.

When we’re trying to be someone we’re not, we come across as fake.

When we grow in poise, we become confident with the way we were created, we come across authentic, genuine, and we’re able to lead well.

Of course, as a worship team, we want to hold to standards for the ministry – for example, following the dress code for the Sunday service, etc. We also don’t want “just being ourselves” to become an excuse for being chronically late or being stubborn in group collaboration, etc.

A worship team with poise can help people authentically worship God!

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