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I just noticed the other day that there is still a little bit of weather stripping coming off of the top of my car door, a 2002 Ford. It’s still dangling ever so slightly. Sometimes, just to make my daughter smile, I say, “I need to fix that one of these days.”  She smiles because she remembers me saying that back when I used to take her to preschool in the mornings! It’s been a small goal – obviously one without much priority, for more than a decade! I definitely have talked about it more than I have taken action on it.

Many of us have goals that we would like to accomplish. Unfortunately, little things get in the way, filling up our time and the goal just doesn’t happen.

I’ve just recently read Your Best Year Ever by Michael Hyatt. He has some great thoughts on creating a system to reach the goals – whether it’s to get in shape, write a book, or pay down debt.

One of his simple steps, toward the end of his process, is to act.

It seems so simple, but we must act on a goal if we’re going to get anywhere. The longer you wait, the more likely you won’t ever act on it. Act on your goal today! Here are five ways to begin:

Art Of The Start

Even one small step can get you closer to achieving a big goal. Just looking up the phone number of the financial counselor can be a step toward your goal to become more financially fit.

Do The Easiest Task

If you have several little steps toward reaching your goal, begin with the easiest part. This will trigger some accomplishment satisfaction and help you keep moving toward the harder components of your goal.

Get Outside Help

Pull in an outside resource to help you reach your goal. Maybe your goal is to learn an instrument, your first step is to contact someone else to give you lessons.

Commit To Act

Don’t just try, do. Determine that you will accomplish this. Decide today to act on your dream or your goal.

Tell Someone

It’s a bit counterproductive to tell the world about your goal before you even begin, but it may be good to tell a few close, trusted people about your goal. This will help you stay accountable to accomplishing it. Beware of just talking about it, however. Talking is the easy part – acting on it is entirely different, and is the only way to accomplish something.

Take a step of action toward your goal. Block your calendar today for the trip you’ve been wanting to take. Start some automatic deposits to save more money. Buy a new pair of running shoes to start getting in shape. Any step you take will get you closer to your goal!



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