They Ran Out Of Food… Again

About this time another large crowd had gathered, and the people ran out of food again. (Mark 8:1, Italics added)

Do you ever feel like you’re in the same exact rut you were in last year at this time? Maybe it’s even been longer. And maybe it’s more than a rut – it’s an ongoing issue, addiction, or sin that you can not seem to break, or you’re not even sure if you’re trying that hard at all.

I was reading in Mark 8 this morning and the first line popped right out… the crowd gathered around Jesus, but they ran out of food again.

Once again, the people were stuck. Even those who were geographically and physically close to Jesus while he was on earth were in a predicament. It was similar to a couple different times during the life of Jesus. The people weren’t prepared… again!

The scripture goes on to say that Jesus felt sorry for the people not having food and a miracle ensued. He fed the entire crowd of 4000 with a small amount of food.

Miracles don’t happen because of our strength, but because of God’s strength. Miracles can happen even when we’ve messed up – multiple times. In fact, it’s in our times of weakness that God’s power shines through.

So take heart, Jesus can be at work in our lives even when we’ve gone and done it… again.

There is no end to the mercy of Christ.

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