A Way To Get More Done: Fake Yourself Out


The experience happened to me again last night when, after talking about it for some time, I spot cleaned a few areas on our living room carpet.  The thought of doing it wasn’t fun, which is why I put it off for a while.  After spending a little more than an hour in a vicious cycle of spraying, waiting five minutes and scrubbing, I went to bed.  The next morning I vacuumed the carpet and was thrilled to see the very noticeable difference. It looked great.

I had lots on my to do list for the day, but at some point on my way through town, I stopped off at the hardware store asking if they had any upholstery cleaner.  I hadn’t planned to do this.  It wasn’t on my list.  But when I got home, I gave it a try.  I spot cleaned a few places on the seats in one of our cars.  (There are very few things in life as gross as the area of the car seat under a toddler booster chair.)

As I worked with the seats, this theory came to mind.  How was it that I was outside in 95 degree weather spot cleaning the upholstery in our car?  It all began with the decision to clean the living room carpet.  From there, the feeling of accomplishment, success and the sense of saving money caused to me to keep on going.  The ball was rolling. I actually began to enjoy the outcome.

In a real sense, you can fake yourself out.  Just begin and the commitment, the enjoyment and the stick-to-it-ness will often follow.   That’s one way to get more done.


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