Action Fuels Action

Sometimes, the thing that is needed is action.  There is a chance that you have been talking about something for far too long – and now, the only way that anything will ever happen is if you act on it.  Here are some random thoughts on taking action – in no particular order:

Take a little action – Maybe what is needed is a small action to build momentum toward something bigger!

Take an action step toward something big – If something is huge, break it down and make it simpler.  Instead of cleaning the whole desk, start with one drawer, get it organized and then you’ll be ready to tackle more.

Involve other people in the action – Most anything worthwhile and long-lasting will be the result of a team.  Who can help you accomplish this goal?  What will their part be?  Invite them to join you.

Interaction fuels action – Meeting with people will automatically increase the action.  It might be the accountability to actually do what you say you will or it might be the camaraderie of working with a group to accomplish something bigger than any one person can do on their own.  If you get to a lull in some project or goal, just meet with people for a few minutes to talk through it.

Take action if something isn’t right – if something feels funny, figure it out.  In ministry leadership, there just isn’t enough time to mess around with wondering how people feel.  Take action – send a note, give a phone call, have a conversation.  Connect and take action.  At times, this is about all the action you need – just the connection will open the door.  At other times, tough decisions need to be made and you have to at that point also take action.  Don’t let something fester without action.

Don’t mistake action for growth – Action alone is not growth.  Just because you are doing something, doesn’t mean you are moving forward.  Be sure to assess what is happening and how effective it is toward accomplishing your mission.

Don’t let growth hinder your momentum – Sometimes, growth is our biggest enemy.  Things are moving and then we step back.  Continue to be a person of action, developing people, having conversations, putting dreams and realities on paper.


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