Four M’s From Mark 1

Four M's From Mark I read the first 8 verses of Mark 1 today.  Here are four things this portion of scripture teaches me.

1)  Be a Messenger (v 2) –  John was a messenger.  His whole life was to tell people about Jesus.

2)  Point to the Messiah (v 3,7) – He pointed to Jesus – explicitly – as the one true person to follow and believe in.

3) Live Modestly (v 6) – He lived in the wilderness as he preached, surviving on locusts and wild honey.  He didn’t seem to need much – it’s almost like he lived on telling people about Jesus.

4) Make a Mark (v 8) – John is basically saying, he’ll do what he can, but Jesus is really the one that is going to bring permanent change in the hearts of people.  He’s greater than John and John makes sure people understand that.

John was a modest messenger, making much of the Messiah.  Makes me want to map out my ministry in that manner.


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