Five Reasons for Ignition Conference

ignition flierIgnition Middle School Conference is a two day discipleship event hosted in various locations around Illinois.  If you work with middle school students, you and your students are invited to attend!  Here are 5 reason why we host it…

1)  It’s an opportunity for ministry leaders to stay in touch with students.  I love to talk with kids.  I love to hang around them and hear what they have to say.  Weekends, on a different scale than Sunday or Wednesday youth meetings, provide time to be with students and stay in touch with their worlds.

2)  It’s a great, organic framework to involve the leadership of young adults and other ministry leaders in the church.  There are typically 16-25 young adult leaders who have a chance to serve in ministry during Ignition. Their roles range from speaking, to seminar leading, to worship music, to media, to small groups, to hospitality, to administration and the list goes on.  I love this aspect of Harvest Ministry – it’s really the crux of the mission.

3)  What the students learn is legit.  Though this cultural idiom is not in my usual vocabulary, it’s true.  Of all the things the students pick up on in life, where their soul stands is the most important.  During Ignition, most of our focus is on worship sessions, small groups and seminars.   Kids need to know that what they are learning through Scripture is true!  That it will stand the test of time.

4)  When students pull away from their regular life routine and hear from new people, they get a different view point.  I’ve said before that even though I grew up in a Christian home and was involved in church, most all of my definable transforming moments have happened when I was at a camp, a retreat weekend or a mission trip.  It’s a combination of anticipating more, expecting to hear from God and being away from the craziness of life. It gives us time to listen.   Though daily Christian example is life forming, those special times are catalyst for hearing from the Lord and making commitments to follow in his steps.

5) Middle school life is one of turmoil.  Choices matter so much.  Friendships are so crucial.  Attitudes and character are being developed.  And life starts to get interesting.  And one of my personal goals for middle school ministry is for each kid to at some point rub shoulders with the Harvest college students and other ministry leaders.  I just want them to pick up on the Christ like attitudes.  I want them to pick up on their smiles and their joy.  I want them to get a picture of what it’s like when a 19 or 20 year old is sold out to Jesus in faith.  I want them to think what the Harvest team says is funny and incorporate those words or phrases in their own life.  And I want to them to have a bank of great memories – built with their groups, their ministry leaders and the Harvest Team.

When I get to heaven, I’m going to check on the possibility of making this announcement:  ”Everyone who attended The Light Kids Conference, Ignition Middle School Conference or Fire-Up Conference in Illinois – meet over here.  Let’s tell stories of how our paths crossed and how that made a difference in the kingdom of God!”

Join us at Ignition!  It’s a great two days. 

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