Beginning (A Poem)



Beginning is fresh, it gives new life.

We take a step, not sure if it’s right.

But with risk in mind, we jump on board.

It’s just the beginning…

Who knows what’s in store.


Beginning so often, starts really small.

But beginnings aren’t endings, there’s room to fall.

Without diving in, we don’t know what’s inside

Who knows what you’re capable of, just take the ride.


All great things begin with one step.

What makes you think your great thing is less?

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth starting small.

You can’t make a difference without beginning at all.


The beginning’s not easy. It requires a heave.

But once you have done it, you’ll sense some relief.

Better to try and not go where you’re thinking.

Than never begin and have the feeling of sinking.


Beginning’s the first step, the hardest to take.

But when we begin, we get a new break.

Get out of the rut, see what’s in store.

Amazing things can happen… that’s what beginnings are for!


Do not despise the day of small beginnings….Zech 4:10


Tim Price


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