The Stars

Harvest was invited by a camp to go stargazing the other night.  In my own subdivision, I only see a few stars at night and they have to be the brightest ones to stand out. Half the time, they turn out to be airplanes moving through the sky since our town is close to an international airport.

But on this evening, there wasn’t one street light, headlight or city light.  We were in complete darkness on top of a hill laying on a tarp, looking at stars.

We had a guide for the evening – a man from the camp Harvest was playing at was talking to our group. With amazing fascination and passion, he shared how the stars speak the truth of the gospel of Jesus.

But probably more amazing was just the number of stars that kept appearing during the presentation.  With every passing moment, another star appeared it seemed.

As informative, inspiring and fascinating as the guide’s story was, the stars spoke another kind of truth that night – the truth of a creator.  How could anyone miss it?

It takes a while for eyes to get adjusted.  But, when they start tuning in, a whole world of beauty, inspiration, and majesty comes into view. 

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