Generations Camp 2012

Spent the weekend at Generations Camp in Louisville, IL.  It’s a mixture of ages – from kids to grandparents.  The event began Friday night and finished this morning.  It was a fun weekend as Harvest led music and did the speaking.  Each one of the 2012 Harvest Team took turns sharing during worship.

Additionally, the weekend was fun because Suzanne, Macy, Ruby and my mom and dad got to all come to the event.  Ruby was an official camper and stayed in the cabin with my mom and dad.  She had a blast.

Following the weekend, we sang at a children’s home in Mt. Vernon Children’s Home.  Before the worship service that evening, the chaplain took us on a tour through the facility and we met some of the students who live there. It was a blessing. And the evening was awesome.

But, the difference between the two was dramatic.  One place where families are connected and plugged into faith, the church and the lives of their kids and grand kids.  The other place somewhat the opposite.  It really makes a person thankful.  And it also makes me want to become, for the students in the children’s home, a beacon of hope, through Jesus, that they can live life to the fullest.

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