A Great Way To Turn 40

I had already had my birthday party with my family.  But on the day of my actual birthday, I was singing at a retirement village in the heart of Des Moines,Iowa for a morning chapel service.  We were invited to stay for lunch and sit with different people from the community.  I sat with five old guys.

It was a blast.  One guy had been a banker.  Another had retired after being a professor at Drake.  Another was a grocery store owner.  The other two had been pastors.  And we had a blast.  I’m not sure how old they were, but one of them had grandkids that were getting close to my age.  We talked about driving and about cars.  We talked about music and about government. We talked about the food and about the weather.  They told me all about the place they were living and they asked about my life.

Though I haven’t given too much thought to turning 40, lots of people have told me their feelings regarding it.  They’re responses about turning 40 years old have ranged from freaked out to denial.

But that day, the actual day of my 40th birthday, I got a great gift – an opportunity for perspective that can only come from a long, well lived life.  These guys were genuine, humble and encouraging.  In one short lunch hour, I was renewed in the thought that each day in life is important. And that finishing well is something to strive for.

I also took note that they laughed quite a bit.  It was a great lunch.

Thanks Nick, Bob, Dendy, Dick and Joe.  Blessings on you guys!

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