Student Ministry and Grace

Student Ministry is a balance of offering an invitation for students to grab hold of faith in Jesus and walking with them through life. Students need grace.  And student ministry leaders need grace too.  It’s not always an easy road.

It’s Only By God’s Grace

Without God’s work of grace in our hearts, we wouldn’t be here in this role. We can be confident that there’s nothing we did to earn it and there’s nothing we can do to keep God from offering it to us. Jesus’ work of grace in our lives is the reason we are able to serve in ministry, live a joyful life and be truly free! Let us praise God for his glorious grace, for the free gift he gave us in his dear Son (Eph 1:6)!

Give Yourself Grace

We’re often the hardest on ourselves. We have so many dreams, ideas, goals, and benchmarks for ourselves. And when things don’t measure up, we come down hard!  You’ve probably noticed the times when the little voice in your head is saying, “You’ll never get this right!” Give yourself grace. You’re learning as you go. You’re building experience. You’ve got to lay back a bit and trust that God isn’t finished with you yet.

Give Your Students Grace

Because of the grace Jesus has shown to us, we must also extend His grace to others! Sure, we also need high expectations so they can grow and flourish, but with the assurance that you’re behind them, cheering them on and ready to offer grace when they fail. There will be a time when students fail and disappoint. In those moments, though it’s hard to do, think about the long-term outcome. What story will this student be telling twenty years from now? When you respond with love and grace, you have a good chance of shaping their stories toward someone who has experienced Jesus in profound ways. Students need grace from their leaders.

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