Essential Rules To Help Kids Grow Into Mannerly Adults

Kids need high expectations!

And the structure we provide for them to excel is important.

I just finished reading a book by Ron Clark called the Essential 55. This book, mostly geared toward classroom rules, manners and management, would be good for parents, teachers and ministry leaders!

For next generation ministry leaders, it’s not always easy to build discipline into a group when you only see them for an hour a week, but children and students need it and crave it! Having some rules that are posted, used and encouraged may be just what your group needs.

Here are 12 of the 55 rules that would help every kid grow into quality adults:

#2 Make eye contact when speaking with someone

#3 Congratulate the winner or when someone does something well

#6 If you are asked a question in conversation, ask a question in return

#9  Always say thank you when given something

#18 Be as organized as possible

#30 After dining in the cafeteria or elsewhere, be responsible for your trash

#33 When meeting new people, shake hands and repeat their name

#35 If someone drops something and you are close to it, pick it up

#37 If someone bumps into you, say excuse me, even if it was not your fault

#41 Answer your phone in a polite and appropriate manner

#45 Never cut in line

#50 Be positive and enjoy life

You can pick up a copy of the book here.

Or view the whole list. 


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