Where have you failed lately?

I recently read a story of a woman who recalled dinner times when she was younger. Regularly, her dad would ask the kids, “Where have you failed this week?”

The question prompted some conversation but more importantly set a tone of failure being ok. If you’re going to be a risk taker, you better get comfortable with failure. If you haven’t failed, you have risked. This father wanted his kids to become comfortable learning what worked and what didn’t work. He wanted his kids to be comfortable with failure and not afraid of it.

Where have you failed lately?  What have you learned from it?

What risks do you need to take – whether you fail or not?

You never stumble when you’re not walking or moving forward. But if you’re not moving forward you will remain stuck.

In the book, The Power Of Moments, Chip and Dan Heath say, “The promise of stretching yourself is not success, it’s learning. It’s self-insight. It’s the promise of getting answers to some of the most important questions in our lives: What can we do? Who can we be? What can we endure?

We will never know our reach until we stretch.

And when we stretch out and take a risk, failure is inevitable.

So, where have you failed lately? It’s a sure sign you’re doing something right!

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