Two Ways To Stretch Your Team: High Standards + Assurance

It takes some inward “umph” for a person to truly pursue something.

Students, children or even employees can probably be moved toward accomplishing something based on a request from someone in authority or the reward being offered (paycheck, graduation, lack of disciplinary action, etc).

But when someone encounters a self-aware moment when they truly discover something they want to pursue, there’s no stopping them. This drive comes from the inside.

This is the thing they would be willing to do — even for free! They’re determined even when the going gets tough or obstacles come up.

How can we create those moments of self-awareness or insight in those around us?

In their book, The Power Of Moments by Chip and Dan Heath, they discuss the environment mentors must create to create these moments in the lives of those they lead.

It starts with a challenge.

A mentor’s push leads to the person being stretched, which creates a moment of self-insight.

We can’t insulate our team or our kids. We can’t rush to help them cover what went wrong. We must take a risk! If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen out there – right in the middle of living life. We must be willing to stretch them!

Here’s what a mentor needs to help make it happen: High Standards + Assurance

Sharing your high standards will stretch your people and help create moments where they are internally sparked to serve or lead. Then display the confidence you have in them to accomplish the hard task!

Couple this with direction and support, you help create moments of self-insight that can help lead people to new avenues!


This can play out in the worship ministry in surprising and delightful ways!

As you raise the bar, you’ll watch people rise up.

People will step up and learn more, do more, sing stronger and play better.

An attitude of growth will permeate.

This often happens as you set high standards and give assurance that you believe they can do it.

What area do worship leaders need to set higher standards? I would love to hear from you!

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