Students Will Always Respond To Love

What are students drawn to?

I’ve have been in student ministries where some students were drawn to the hype and the size. Large groups of students will draw in some folks just out of curiosity and the sense of being where the crowd is.

I’ve seen some students connected for specific reasons such as a desire to be involved in certain sports, music, drama, or other skill/hobby related component highlighted in the church or student ministry.

Some students are involved because they’re told to be there by their families.

Some students are there because it’s their only chance to get out of the house.

Others were invited by a friend and felt a sense of belonging.

Still others have a strong faith and a desire for leadership within their local church beginning at a young age.

The ways students get connected are quite varied, but there is still one overriding ingredient that keeps students connected.



Students still respond to love.

Even in all the busy-ness and full schedules, students will still respond to a church full of people who truly love them.

Unconditional love for students is truly what stands the test of time in ministry with the next generation.

Genuine and authentic love toward students can be a powerful force in shaping their lives with the gospel message.

Genuine love in student ministry:

  • provides a safe place
  • provides a sense of belonging
  • helps people get a glimpse of the gospel
  • models God’s love for us
  • instills hope in teens who don’t experience the love of Jesus anywhere else in life
  • covers a multitude of student mistakes and craziness

Here are three simple and practical ways to express love for your students:

Smile when you see them.

Say, “You are loved!”

Listen to their stories.

Use three practical things to show love to your students the next time you see them.

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