Five Ways Leaders Bring Energy To The Organization

Those around. you will feed off your energy – good or bad! When you show your passion and heart for the work, others will feel a sense of permission to follow suit.

Without a level of energy, it’s going to be difficult to motivate, call and move people forward.

I like how Brad Lomenick puts it in his book, H3 Leadership: “Leaders are organizational health risks or assets. You’ve got to love it and live it to lead it!”

What does it take to bring passion and keep the energy up? Here are five ways leaders can bring energy:

Celebrate and Encourage

Celebrate milestones. Remind your people where you’ve been and how far you’ve come. Encourage your team and your organization.Send notes. Be upbeat in your interactions. Smile. Have fun with your team and your people.

Be Intentional

Be intentional with your discipline and schedule – for example, rest and sabbath play a huge role in maintaining your passion and energy for long-haul ministry. Be intentional about inviting others to join you in the work – intentionally ask people to join you in ministry and specific roles. Be intentional with your calendar and your daily task list. What can you do today that will make the most impact?

Ask Questions

Asking questions is a great way to keep your energy up. You can learn and you can find out how others see things. Spend time with people. Remind yourself it’s not all about you. Ask questions to a coach or other experienced person who can help you move forward with energy. Asking the right questions to your team can also help them increase their energy for a project or a ministry growth area.

Spend Time With The Vision

The big picture will always help increase our energy. Sometimes we may need to adjust our expectations a bit, and sometimes we need to have faith that God’s timing is different than ours. But any amount of time you can set aside for prayer and spending time seeking God’s heart for the vision of your church and ministry, you’ll regain passion and therefore, energy!

Meet With People

Meeting almost always fuels action. When you meet with clear objectives and goals,, it can propel both the leaders and the team members toward new found energy and passion around a project or goal. Build systems for meeting with others and also find time for informal meetings too.

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