Seven Good Things Obstacles Can Bring

By definition, obstacles block one’s way and prevent progress. No one wants to deal with an obstacle, but it almost always helps sharpen us and moves us in new and many times better directions. When faced with an obstacle, our energy is focused, our thinking is deeper and our motivation to overcome is sharpened.

Welcome obstacles and then overcome them. Here are seven good things that obstacles bring to us:

Obstacles help us grow.

Without obstacles, we won’t be stretched, which is required for growth. Experience can be summed up by the number of obstacles a person has overcome. They are able to look back and see seasons of growth and they are able to share their success with others.

Obstacles help us see better solutions.

When things move along as normal, there isn’t a reason to make things better. When we hit a wall, we have to find another route and this is where new solutions surface.

Obstacles bring strength.

Without obstacles to figure out, our organization, team and mindset begin to atrophy. Obstacles help us flex muscles we forgot we had.

Obstacles bring more creativity.

Overcoming obstacles requires creativity. We may not even think we are very creative until we are faced with a need to be creative for the purpose of moving forward.

Obstacles make us more innovative.

Innovation is the creation of a new method, idea or product. Most often, these innovations come as the result of a need to make something better. When you bump up against an obstacle, think about how you could make things better, and innovative ideas will surface. [how to tell a new story for your church]

Obstacles create chaos, a needed ingredient for change.

Until the uncomfortable chaos out weights the comfort of status quo, there won’t be much motivation for change. But as soon as organizational chaos reaches a tipping point, change is on the horizon – good or bad. Decide you don’t want the chaos anymore and you’ll begin to clarify the obstacles that need to be removed.

Obstacles are not problems… there is a difference.

Obstacles impeded the journey. Problems happen on the roadside. Don’t get sidetracked trying to fix small problems that really aren’t blocking you from your destination. Focus on removing the obstacles that are covering the path you’re on. Problems will take care of themselves. [read more] 

If you are facing an obstacle, keep at it. As Theodore Roosevelt was quoted saying, “We must all either wear out or rust out – every one of us. My choice is to wear out.”

I recently read a book called, The Obstacle Is The Way. It was a springboard to this blog post. You can pick up a copy here.



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