Create Something People Want To Join

If you want or need people to be a part of your ministry, make sure you’re offering something people want to be a part of. The leader is the cultural architect. You can create a great place for people to use their gifts and serve.

This can apply to any volunteer ministry you lead at church from children’s ministry to worship tech ministry. If the role becomes all work and no nurture, you won’t attract new folks and you’ll begin to lose those you have. If something in your leadership style is preventing growth in your team, make sure you figure out what it is and work to improve it.

The culture of your team that is important and as we begin this new season, take some time to make sure what you have is attractive to new people who may want to be a part of something great!

Here are seven ideas for creating something people want to join:

Develop Community

Have fun as a ministry team. Develop community by gathering together once in a while outside of your ministry time slots. Share in scripture and devotion together. Bring food. Get t-shirts. Anything you can do to build a culture of community with your group.

Give Access

Give access to your team members. Respond to their texts and emails. Let them in on inside info coming up the next week. Keep them in the loop and be planned ahead. Give them the tools they need to make it all happen.

Simplified Purpose

Boil your purpose down to a simple thing to remember. You may have a purpose for this season, something you need to work on for a while. Help people rally around one thing at a time. Get everyone on the same page.

Highlight Success

Celebrate what has worked well. Talk about where we’ve come from. Praise God for the great things going on in your team and your ministry. And don’t forget to work hard to make little successes happen on a regular basis. Nothing motivates volunteers better than stuff working really well!

Pray Together

Pray together as a team. Offer opportunities for people to share some requests. Encourage team members to pray aloud. Invite others to pray sometimes.

Offer Support

Is someone on the team having a tough time?  Offering support. Help in whatever way you can. Pull together as a ministry team when someone is hurting.

Clear The Pathways

Sometimes people can’t join a team because they have no idea how to go about joining the team. Make the process clear. Offer specific times for people to check it out. A couple different times, we did a “tour” of the backstage and the sound/tech area after worship. Slowly but surely, those opportunities connected people.

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