23 Questions Worship Leaders Need To Ask

Worship leaders, like all leaders, need to be good question ask-ers and listeners.

Sometimes the whirlwind of working with other team members, hammering out chord charts (and other details) and working with the pastor to help provide the best engaging worship possible can keep us from asking and answering questions.

Here are 23 questions worship leaders can ask:



What is coming up?

Where is God leading us?

How can we do this in a creative way?

What do our people respond to well right now?

What songs would help connect them to God in worship?

Who can help make this idea or project happen?


What’s next?

Where is the Spirit leading?

What needs to be said to encourage worshippers?

Where do we see people responding?

Where was the “moment” in this service?

Who do I need to follow up with after today?


How was the flow?

Where were things effective?

What didn’t work so well today?

How can I help make it better?

What do we need to change for next Sunday?

What is coming up?


[for your team] How have you been doing?

[for your pastor] Is there anything I can do help you out?

[for members of your team] How do you think things are going with the worship team?

[for a new person] Are you a musician?

[for God] Will you show me how you are leading me?

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