Jesus Changes Agendas

Many books have been written on the ways Jesus changes our direction and agendas. Here’s one more little example from Luke 24.

Jesus had just risen that day and two of his followers were walking along the road. Jesus appears and begins walking with them but they don’t recognize him. They talk about the events of the weekend and the fact that the tomb was empty. Jesus talks through scriptures with them regarding it all. But they still don’t recognize him.

As they came upon a town, these two guys insist that Jesus stay there – it was too late to travel. Jesus did stay and as they are breaking bread, their eyes are open, they realize it is Jesus right there with them, and at that moment he disappears!

That’s the story in a nutshell.

The part I hadn’t remembered from before is from Luke 24:33 – “within the hour, they are on their way to back to Jereslum to find the disciples and tell them Jesus really is risen.”

Within the hour…

They left

When before it was too late to travel, the presence of Jesus made it imperative that they go.

With courage

When before it may have been too dangerous to be on the roads at night, Jesus’ resurrection and appearance gave them the courage to change their plans and go back to the city late that evening.

And renewed energy

When before they were weary and ready for rest, now all they could think about was telling the news of Jesus to the others!

The presence of Jesus in our lives changes our agendas!

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