Jesus Borrowed

I’m struck by how Jesus borrowed and used stuff from people. In each case, he took good care of it, used it for a purpose and his glory and then returned it.

He Borrowed A Boat

In Luke 5, Jesus borrowed a boat when the crowds pushed in around him and forced him to the edge of the lake. He stepped into one of the fishing boats and asked the owner to push him out away from the shore a bit. He sat down and began teaching. Soon after this, he asked the fisherman to go out to deep water to fish. They did and caught so much they couldn’t even haul it in. After that experience, those fishermen left all their possessions and followed Jesus to become fishers of men.

He Borrowed A Donkey

In Luke 19 Jesus asked his disciples to go on ahead, find a donkey, untie it and bring it back. If the owner asks why they are taking it, just say the Lord has need of it. That’s the way it happened and Jesus used that donkey to ride into town in what became known as Palm Sunday. It also fulfilled an ancient prophecy. But it also teaches us that the Lord has a need – for us to be willing to give him everything.

He Borrowed A Room

In Luke 22, it’s time for the Passover meal and Jesus asked his disciples to go prepare it. They weren’t sure where to prepare it, but Jesus told them to go into town, follow a man with a pitcher of water and he will show you. Sure enough, the man took them to a large upstairs room and that’s where the Passover meal became so personal for generations of believers. What we now know and celebration as communion started right there.

He Borrowed A Tomb

In John 19 we learn that after Jesus died, his body was taken and laid in a tomb owned by Joseph of Arimethea. Even in his death, he borrowed a tomb. But, like the other things he borrowed, he gave this back as well. He only used it for three days then didn’t need it anymore. It served its purpose and helped launch the hope we have in a risen savior.

Three Reflections:

  1. Jesus didn’t worry too much about owning his own earthly possessions and I don’t want to either.
  2. Jesus uses us and all that we have for his work and glory.
  3. When Jesus uses us and our stuff, our lives are changed.

What possession do you have that can be used for God’s glory? Maybe it’s your car every time you take someone home from church. Or maybe it’s your home every time you open it up to guests. Maybe it’s your money as you share it with those in need or give it in tithes to God and the ministry. Allowing Jesus to use the things in our lives pulls us into the grand work of God in the world!

He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, yet chooses to work through people – borrowing stuff for the moment to accomplish his mission! Join Jesus in this today!

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