Why Movement Is So Important For Ministry Leaders

Much of the ministry is sedentary. Preparation, study, meetings and meals are all important, but not very active parts of life.

So don’t forget to move.

Movement and exercise help keep a clear mind, increase energy, and ward off anxiety and depression.

It’s too easy to set aside exercise when the schedule becomes full. But a faithful minister must be disciplined in this way for the long haul.

Here are a handful of ways to incorporate movement into your day:

Walking Meetings

If I have to talk with someone and the subject matter fits ok, it’s great to take a walk and talk.

Sanctuary Phone Conversations

I’ve gotten into the habit of walking to the sanctuary when I get a phone call and I talk as I walk around the room.

Prayer Walks

During your prayer time, walk around the building a couple times or maybe through the building.

Nature on the Sabbath

Some of the best times of sabbath are hikes. Find a close place with trails and renew your spirit with a quiet, screen-free, hike.

Set A Timer To Move

Maybe you have a step tracker that reminds you to get up and move. But you can also use your phone to set a timer – work for 50 minutes then stand up and move for a bit.

Subtle Stretching

You can always stretch. It can be done at your desk with both your arms and legs. Get in the habit of doing it during work.

Connect With Someone

Accountability is important for staying healthy. Find a fitness partner or meet someone for a walk in the park.

Exercise Early Each Day

If you exercise early in the day, you’ll have a better chance of actually doing it. Getting your system jumpstarted with a brisk walk or workout will more than likely increase your overall productivity and clarity even if you arrive 45 minutes later. Get a routine and stick with it.

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