Are You Ready For Significance? Here Are Three Questions You Can Ask

Here are three questions to help determine your readiness for significance:

  1. Can you be the best in the world at what you do?
  2. Are you passionate about what you are doing?
  3. Do you have the resources to change the world?

These questions were asked by Jim Collins and I read them in a book called Intentional Living by Maxwell.


He reflected that the first question was about talent – do you have what it takes to be the best? Maybe not the most talented in the world, but able to use the talent and experience you have to be the best you can be? You are unique and not one person has your same set of experiences and ideas!


The second question is about the heart. Do you have a heart for helping others, to make something happen that will outlast your own life? Heart is at the core of significance.


We come to the third question which is about the tools needed to change the world. There’s a line in the Message translation I’ve always remembered. It’s when Jesus sends out the 72 in Luke 9 and says, “Take nothing more than these couple of things – keep it simple. You don’t need special equipment, you are the equipment!” Don’t compare to others, look around and realize just blessed you are. Be resourceful with what you have and trust that God will continue to provide.

These questions make me think about areas in my life where I can become more intentional. Thanks to John Maxwell for this great book! (and I think I saw it’s free to listen to with Audible)

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