Parents: Music Lessons Are A Great Investment!

It’s a bit of a sacrifice to hand over $15-$25 per lesson every week to learn an instrument! Not to mention the driving and waiting times! But it’s still a very worthwhile investment in the life of a child.

How many times have you heard an adult say something along the lines of, “I really wish my mom would have made me stick with piano!’

At times it may not be easy to keep a child motivated, but here are some of the payoffs for keeping it going:


It’s a good discipline to learn music. It helps students develop emotionally, socially, and intellectually. It’s proven to help relax and focus. Rhythms are all mathematical and there is a ton of benefit to learning to read!


Sports also offer this experience to some degree, but there’s nothing quite like playing with a group of people who all are going the same direction, creating music together. It requires skill, competence and connection.


There are many ways to build confidence, but knowing a musical instrument, and becoming good at it, really opens doors that otherwise would not be open.


It builds creativity in the mind of kids. For those kids who naturally lean toward music, it fosters the creativity they already have going. For those children for whom music isn’t something natural for them, it allows them to experience and learn about creativity in this way. Even if they don’t stick with it as adults, there are lifelong benefits of developing the creative muscle.


Unlike some other childhood hobbies, there are countless opportunities to participate in music as adults – both as a hobby or profession.

My Story

I learned drums through the school band. I learned the guitar from my dad. I took piano lessons for about half a year and still love to play, but mostly play from chords. Because of playing guitar, I was able to pick up the bass – I probably play bass like a guitar player. All these things combined allowed me to not only enjoy music as a hobby but by the end of high school propelled me into a world where I still serve on a daily basis and by the grace of God have been able to also make a living. It’s really fun!

Because of these experiences, we have opened some of the same doors for our daughters through piano and violin lessons as well as other instruments around the house with which to tinker.

If private lessons are out of the question – find a way to incorporate music into your kids. Buy a $10 instrument at a garage sale and watch youtube videos. Look online and you can always find a piano for “free” if you’re willing to move it. We recently did a drum circle during a middle school conference and used Home Depot buckets! It was really fun. Join the band at school and borrow an instrument. There are ways to bring music about and it will be a help to any child!

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