Thanksgiving Posts

It’s Thanksgiving Week and here are a collection of some “thankfulness posts” from the archives. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

101 Things For Which Anyone Can Be Thankful

Thank you for the sky. Thank you for the mountains.  Thank you for beauty. Thank you for laughter. Thanks for the inspiration.  Thanks for the blessings. Thanks for the troubles.  Thank you for the… [Keep Reading]

Grateful? Write It Down.

Gratitude has been linked, over and over, with a healthy life and a positive outlook. There is, however, a big difference between being grateful and expressing it. If you appreciate something but never let it be known, one could argue you don’t really appreciate it fully. [keep reading]


I have spent the morning thinking about a conversation from yesterday.  How can we continue to have a thankful heart for all that we have?  How can we teach our children to be thankful and grateful?  How can we remind ourselves that the first thing we need to do in the morning is say… [read]

Abe Lincoln on Giving Thanks

Here are a few excerpts from President Abe Lincoln when he decided to begin a national tradition of Thanksgiving, by making it a holiday at the end of November.  It has since been officially moved to the fourth Thursday of November.  But the focus of giving God thanks is important to note. Thanksgiving is more than a holiday, it’s a recognition of all God has done… [read]

Thank You For This

(a story from when my daughter was 2 y/o)   For the last few weeks, my two year old daughter has wanted to pray for all the meals. The prayer is short and sweet and goes like this, “Dear Lode, tank ooh for dis. Amen.”

Dear Lord, thank you for this.  We are trying to teach her to be a little more specific and she will get there eventually.  But for right now, it’s a good prayer to have stuck in my head and heart.  Lord… thank you for this. [read]

How to Become Generous

There are only so many ways a person grows in generosity.  Most of them don’t come from outward circumstances or even financial status.  It’s come from the inside out.  Generosity is a mindset.  A way of living.  It’s about giving, but it’s also about being free to give, probably the biggest hindrance. [read]

Thankfulness Begins With Jesus First

I have enjoyed the devotional book, This Day With The Master by Dennis Kinlaw since this summer. The November 24 reading (which happens to land on Thanksgiving for this year) fits well for believers. [read more]

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